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The incredible journey of Herculano Neto, well-known as The King of hair extension in London, started at the family’s  salon, where his mother and grandfather guided him on his initial journey.

Neto with a very curated view for hair  and a keen eye for beauty made his way up on the world of beauty, winning several awards and contests. 

Neto wanted to share his view as a hair professional with the world, and with this idea in mind Neto left Brazil behind and landed  in Portugal, where he had his experience recognized in Lisbon as well as in Spain, where he worked in the most elegant salons in Barcelona. Furthermore , all these great things were just the start to the empire Neto is building .

Part of the Dream came true when Neto arrived in London and became a permanent resident, following his salon NETOHAIR,  in the center of the Brazilian community. His professionalism, exclusive techniques and his views in ​​Beauty brought him success and recognition in Europe and around the world.

Today his boutique salon is frequented by celebrities, footballer's wifes, digital influencers and more. It is a mandatory stop for anyone coming to London.


Meet the Expertise

Our Team are the most prepared professionals in them Category.

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